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We believe...

We believe that the coasts are great, big cities are great, we just don't believe that the other places are somehow lesser. We're just really passionate about the idea that you can create something amazing right where you are. We created a late night talk show in Springfield, Missouri, and you may also have a goal situated right outside of practicality-where dreams belong. Might as well just go for it.



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Jeff Houghton is the host of The Mystery Hour, a show he just created in a basement improv theatre. After five pre-televised years, it is now in it's seventh season on television and has won four Emmy awards. The show is taped in Springfield, Missouri and is syndicated on FOX stations. 

That doesn't really tell the story though. At the end of college Jeff did an internship at the Late Show with David Letterman and got the bug. Several years later Jeff made up a late night talk show with him as the host at the Skinny Improv. After the first time doing the show in front of a live audience before TV was ever a thought Jeff just had this moment of, "Oh, this is what I want to do," quickly followed by, "Oh no, there aren't many of these jobs out there, like 4 of them." But he just kept doing it and doing it because he loved it, holding out hope that one day it could maybe, possibly, hopefully, get on TV. After 5 years, and Jeff and Michelle's first real talk about really having kids, Jeff decided it was finally time to give Hollywood a shot, so he moved to L.A. in hopes of making it (while Michelle stayed home in MO--crazy), with the idea that she'd either move out at some point, or he'd move back. After a great year in L.A. Jeff moved home and soon became the only person to ever move from Los Angeles to Springfield, Missouri to get on TV. 

He got in touch with a TV station looking for original content and said, "Hey, I have a show for you." They went for it, somehow. Jeff was soon onto the task of creating a show out of nothing. The first season was...uh...shall we say...a learning experience...an exhausting learning experience...any sane person would have ended it there learning experience. Luckily, Jeff isn't sane. He kept going and little by little the show got better and little by little people started to take notice. After a move to a bigger venue, then to the local FOX affiliate, then to another, then some Mid America Emmys, some big crowds, after flying in guests from L.A. they all kinda looked around and said, "Oh, I think we're actually doing it."

Then Instagram Husband came, a video created for the show that went really viral, and people started to take more interest, and more questions, like, "Hey, what the heck is this? Why is it in Missouri?"

The Mystery Hour makes no sense in Springfield, Missouri. How can a well-produced syndicated late night talk show happen there? Well, it's part Jeff ignoring reason and following his dream, but it's more about gathering people together creating a community passion project. The show is mostly created with volunteers, really, really talented volunteers who decided they could make something awesome right where they were.

Might as well.